Scruffs Orthopaedic Dog Bed Review

Scruffs Orthopaedic Dog Bed Review

Scruffs Orthopaedic Dog Bed Review takes at the best supportive Dog Beds with closeup video footage of the Scruffs Hilton, Expedition, ArmourDillo and Chateau dog beds.

Why Buy An Orthopaedic Dog Bed?

As your dog ages, their joints may start to hurt a little. Just like us humans, dogs can benefit from a more supportive mattress that provides additional firmness and protection. An orthopaedic dog bed might sound like some kind of complex contraption, but really, it's just a regular bed filled with a firmer material. The benefits of an orthopaedic dog bed include extra comfort while laying down, which in turn promotes a better night's sleep for your pooch.

What's The Best Orthopaedic Dog Bed?

At PetMonkey, we sell a wide range of orthopaedic dog beds. From firm mattress style beds to snuggly pillows, all are filled with some kind of filling to offer extra support for joints. In this review, we focus on four mattress style orthopaedic dog beds from UK Dog Bed brand, Scruffs.

Four Scruffs Beds - Which Is The Best?

We have four different beds to review. Firstly, Scruffs Expedition Memory Foam Orthopaedic Dog Bed, Scruffs Chateau Orthopaedic Mattress Dog Bed, Scruffs Hilton Orthopaedic Dog Bed and lastly, Scruffs ArmourDillo Orthopaedic Dog Bed.

Scruffs Expedition - Great For Wet & Muddy Outdoor Dogs

So firstly, let's review the Scruffs Expedition Memory Foam Orthopaedic Dog Bed. This one featured in the video is a size Medium which measures 100 cm by 70 cm.

Scruffs Hilton Orthopaedic Dog Bed

So the first thing you notice with this bed is it comes in a really smart and durable cover. It's 600 denier, it's very tough - suitable for kennels or use in the car. It also has a water-resistant lining which prevents the inner from becoming damp and mouldy.

It's filled with memory foam crumb. And all the beds have one thing in common and that is they have a memory foam filling. It's very good for dogs, it supports their weight, especially when they get older and their joints need extra support and comfort.

One other feature we really like about this bed is that the fabric is made with what is called Silver Technology. And Silver Technology means that any bacteria that is accumulated on the surface is eradicated within 24 hours. 

This is the Medium, it also comes in size Large which is suitable for large breeds. This bed has a very smart Scruffs motif on it, as you can see.There's a handy handle so you can carry it around if you're taking it out to the car. Plus, it has an easy to open zip. And then you can simply pull out the inner if you want to wash the cover.

Scruffs Chateau Dog Bed - Best For Indoor Use

Next up we have Scruffs Chateau Orthopaedic Mattress Dog Bed. This one here is a size Large and it comes in various colours. This is the Latte, so we'll open it up. So this is more of an indoor dog bed. With a short pile cover, it feels softer on top than the others we reviewed.

Scruffs Chateau Orthopaedic Mattress Dog Bed - Latte - Medium

But it also has the same waterproof inner lining as the other beds, which means that the memory foam inner is protected. The size Large measures 120 cm by 70 cm, so suitable for a good-sized dog. It also comes in a size Medium. One other thing which is handy - there is a non-slip base, so if you're using it inside it will be good on a slippery floor. Again, you have a very nice Scruffs motif on it and it's a very comfortable bed, I highly recommend it.

Scruffs Hilton Orthopaedic  - Best For Looks

The next dog bed is Scruffs Hilton Orthopaedic Dog Bed.

Scruffs Hilton Orthopaedic Dog Bed

This is a Tan, it also comes in Burgundy and Chocolate. With a hessian chenille top and faux leather side walls, it looks and feels fantastic. So like all the other beds, this one is filled with memory foam crumb and is very comfortable. It's got good support for a dog, so it'll support their joints.

The size of this one is 100 cm by 70 cm and it's finished in a faux hessian cover. This one is in Tan, it has a non-slip base and you've got the Scruffs motif again.

And like all of the beds, you can simply remove the cover and machine wash it. So you unzip and you can take out the inner. Again, it's got a water-resistant lining, which is very handy if you have a wet dog - stops the inner becoming mouldy. It also comes in a size Large.

Scruffs ArmourDillo Orthopaedic Dog Bed - Best For Extra Support

Last but not least, we have Scruffs ArmourDillo Orthopaedic Dog Bed. This is a particularly durable bed - it's suitable for dogs who are quite rough and tumble, who might sort of be a bit boisterous.

Scruffs ArmourDillo Orthopaedic Dog Bed - Brown - M

This is the size Large, it measures 116 cm by 75 cm wide. The depth is 15 cm. It's a very well-padded bed and what's different with this one compared to the other three beds - it has a solid memory foam filling, so it's very, very supportive.

The cover is 1680 denier material which is very tough, so it will take quite a lot of wear and tear, although I do hasten to add - it is not indestructible, particularly for dogs who chew. So you need to make sure that you keep an eye on them. There's a velcro fastening...and then you can simply pull out the inner if you want to wash the cover. The bed that we review comes in a Large, but it also comes in a Medium and in a range of colours.


So there we have it - we have four orthopaedic dog beds. They're all made by Scruffs who are a British manufacturer based up in Manchester. There's a bed here to suit every type of dog, whether it's an indoor dog - such as the Chateau and the Hilton, or an outdoor dog such as the Expedition and ArmourDillo.

They're all very supportive so if you have an older dog, they're perfect for that. Why not have a look on and see our range.

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