Scruffs Ellen Donut Dog Bed Review

Scruffs Ellen Donut Dog Bed Review

Scruffs Ellen Donut Dog Beds Review

Scruffs Ellen Donut Dog Beds Review takes a closeup tour around this premium Dog Bed from UK brand, Scruffs. These dog beds have been flying out of the PetMonkey warehouse for quite a while now, and we wanted to know what the fuss was all about!

In the first part of the video, you'll get a close up tour of how the bed looks and feels. In the second part, James from PetMonkey gets to ask all the questions you'd like to know before you part with your cash.

00:05 - Scruffs Ellen Donut Dog Bed

Made from a soft plush into a rounded shape with high sides, the Ellen 'donut' is ideal for pooches that love to curl up at night. The Ellen Donut Dog Bed comes in a couple of sizes and three colours.

Scruffs Ellen Donut Dog Bed - Pink - L

And as you can see, they come in these nice colours but to get to see them properly, we’d better take them out of the bags. Starting with the Ellen Donut Dog Bed in Large. And it just comes with a simple protective packaging. And the first thing I notice is just how soft it is, it's like a trampoline, wow!

05:10 - Comparing the Medium vs Large + colourways

Here we have the Ellen Donut in Large / Rose in front of me and as you can see, it really is a donut shape, I can see why they gave it the name. It’s a really pretty pink - it feels like a tweed fabric which is kind of classy, I like that. It measures 75 centimetres so this is suitable for larger dogs, especially those who like to curl up, and make a little nest inside. It's machine washable at 30° - that's going to be handy, particularly as this is such a light colour.

Plus, the filling of this bed is made from 100% recycled material, so that's a good tick in the box from the sort of eco point of view. I'll tell you I cannot stop touching this bed, it is so soft, it's like a teddy bear. And then on the base, we can see this has got little tiny bobbles all over, so it's not going to slip on your floors. So that makes it ideal for popping in the kitchen or anywhere you've got some lino, as well as carpet. It’s also available in medium, which measures 55cm - ideal if you have a smaller dog.

The best thing about the Donut beds, I guess, is the softness and the fact that they're this amazing round shape, so if you've got a curler rather than a sprawler, they can really make themselves at home in this bed. It has nice high walls too, to keep them really really comforted.

06:26 - Scruffs Ellen Mattress Dog Bed

Let's say your dog is more of a sprawler than a curler - then there's a little treat in store because Scruffs also make a rectangular Mattress Bed in the Ellen range. So if you prefer not to have a donut like we just showed you, then the Scruffs Ellen Dog Mattress has all the gorgeous softness, the same colourways, the same non-slip base. It's available in different sizes to suit your dog's needs. 

Scruffs Ellen Dog Mattress - Pink - L

So in a nutshell, that was the Ellen Donut Bed in Medium and Large. I also showed you the Ellen Mattress Bed. All are made out in this amazing plush fabric, are machine washable and available in pink, tan and brown.

07:27 - Editor's Cut

Reasons why James from PetMonkey liked the Scruffs Ellen Donut Bed:

 It’s super comfortable, with a soft wall all the way around which creates a cosy nest shape around your dog. 
It doesn’t have a cut out at the front like many dog beds do - it’s the same all around. As a result, you can use it wherever in your house.
It's flexible. You can use for a small dog, a medium dog, a large dog - and I know my cat would definitely like it!
It's eco friendly. The recycled filling is a good tick in the box and it feels really nice and supportive as well as soft.
It's machine washable which is important, as the pink in particular is a very light colour.

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