Royal Canin Puppy Food Review

Royal Canin Puppy Food Review

Quality 9/10

Value 8/10

Relevance 8/10

Packaging 9/10

Bonus 8/10

Overall PetMonkey rating: 84%

Royal Canin Puppy Food Review - At A Glance

When you welcome your new four-legged addition into your family, their well-being is always top priority. So choosing the right food is key. With so many different foods to choose from it can be very daunting to make the right selection. This is why many new dog owners look towards Royal Canin Puppy Food as their first choice.

Every pup has specific growth requirements according to size and breed. Therefore feeding the correct diet is a sure way to give your family pet the best start in life. Royal Canin Puppy Food comes in different size variants; X-Small, Mini, Medium, Maxi and Giant.

Royal Canin X-Small Puppy Dry Dog Food - 1.5kg


Looking at a tasty diet such as Royal Canin Mini Puppy Dry Dog Food - 8kg, there is no doubt that this is a premium product. First impressions count, and when you open a bag of Royal Canin Puppy Food one of the first things you notice is a really appealing savoury aroma. In fact, we would go as far as to say that the Royal Canin range is amongst the most appealing and appetising foods on the market. Each tasty crunchy kibble is carefully fortified with all the vitamins, minerals and goodness a miniature pup requires for optimum development.

Royal Canin Mini Puppy Dry Dog Food - 8kg


Royal Canin is a premium brand, so it isn't the cheapest food on the market. That being said, paying extra to give your hound a top quality bespoke diet such as Royal Canin Giant Puppy Dry Dog Food - 15kg will undoubtedly benefit their health in the long term. Furthermore, with a properly formulated diet your pet needs less food, so a bag of food will usually last longer.

Royal Canin Giant Puppy Dry Dog Food - 15kg


For the ultimate in tailored nutrition we recommend Royal Canin breed specific foods. Nevertheless, there are many other excellent foods to choose from. A tasty diet such as Royal Canin Medium Puppy Dry Dog Food - 4kg provides well balanced nutrition for medium sized pups weighing between 11 - 25 kg. What's more, the clear feeding guidelines help you to ensure that you feed the right amount.

Royal Canin Medium Puppy Dry Dog Food - 4kg


Even the packaging of Royal Canin Puppy Food is top notch. Not only does each bag look great, they are airtight and packaged in an oxygen reduced atmosphere. Being hermetically sealed preserves freshness and nutritional quality. Plus the bags are very durable so there is less chance of damage and spillages. The wet food is packaged in convenient foil pouches which preserve all the goodness. A popular choice is Royal Canin Mini Puppy In Gravy Wet Dog Food - 12 x 85g.

 Royal Canin Mini Puppy In Gravy Wet Dog Food - 12 x 85g


Some pups are more energetic than others, so Royal Canin have even developed a formula for more active larger breeds. More active puppies have a greater energy output so require more protein to keep them fuelled. For an energetic and oversized furry friend Royal Canin Maxi Puppy Active Dry Dog Food - 15kg is the perfect choice. Active is also available in the Giant size puppy food.

 Royal Canin Maxi Puppy Active Dry Dog Food - 15kg


As a first choice of Puppy Food, we think that Royal Canin is up there with the best. Not only is it really palatable, the balance of nutritious ingredients will suit pups of all shapes and sizes. Perfect to give your canine chum the best start in life. 

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