Royal Canin Dog Food

Royal Canin Dog Food

Royal Canin Dog Food has been around since 1968, when the brand was registered by founder and vet, Jean Cathary. Since then, the company has extended its dog food range to offer tailored nutrition for every type of dog. So is Royal Canin a good dog food? Is Royal Canin Grain Free? What makes it the best dog food? Find out here.

Is Royal Canin Dog Food Good?

Finding the right dog food for your pet can be a challenge. When it comes to picking that bag or tin, so many brands seem to offer much the same. Consequently it's easier just to plump for the cheapest. Royal Canin however, takes a different approach. It allows you to choose your dog food based on several factors. For example, your dog's age, breed, size and whether they have any vet specific health conditions.

Select By Life Stage

There are Royal Canin foods for puppies of different sizes. For example, Royal Canin Medium Puppy Dry Dog Food - 15kg is specially crafted to meet the nutritional needs of pups aged between 2 and 12 months old. Its high protein content and high nutrient content is perfect for bouncing doggies that need lots of elements to support their growth.

Royal Canin Medium Puppy Dry Dog Food - 15kg

If your dog is rather longer in the tooth, then Royal Canin Medium Ageing 10+ Dry Dog Food - 3kg offers a special formula that is easy to digest and packed with DHA and EPA.

Royal Canin Medium Ageing 10+ Dry Dog Food - 3kg

Pure Breed Formula

As well as recipes for different life stages, there are specific formulas for pure breeds.  Everything from Bulldog and Chihuahua to Bichon Frise and Pug are catered for. Each bag contains kibbles of the perfect size for your dog to eat, with nutrients that help boost the health of that breed.For example, Royal Canin Pug Adult Dry Dog Food - 7.5kg will help pugs maintain a healthy weight while maintaining their muscle tone. 

Royal Canin Pug Adult Dry Dog Food - 7.5kg

On the other hand, Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food - 12kg helps to maintain excellent skin and coat health, thanks to the fatty acids EPA and DHA. Plus, the calorific value is tailored to the high energy requirements of Golden Retrievers.

Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food - 12kg


From Mini To Maxi

Not only this, Royal Canin recipes are geared towards dogs of different sizes: from tiny puppies to large breeds. Take a look at Royal Canin Mini Puppy 800g. This is ideal for small breed puppies from 2 to 10 months  with an expected adult weight of up to 10kg. Its rich combination of nutrients balance high quality protein and probiotics which in turn leads to a strong immune system.At the other end of the scale, Royal Canin Giant Junior Dry Dog Food - 3.5kg makes a scrumptious meal for your giant puppy with an adult weight of 45kg. With 31% protein, this specially adapted dog food helps to maintain your puppy's high growth rate during the second growth phase.

Royal Canin Giant Junior Dry Dog Food - 3.5kg

Vet Products

What's more, there's a whole range of vet-approved formulas to tackle specific, diagnosed health conditions such as dental plaque, heart disease and hypertension. Learn more about Royal Canin Vet Products.

So What Does That Mean For Dog Owners?

In summary: by treating your pet as an individual, with specific needs, Royal Canin canine food is nutritionally superior to other pet foods on the market. By buying from this French company, you can be sure that your dog stays at its 'magnificent best.'

Is Royal Canin Grain Free?

Royal Canin food for dogs comes in two ranges: the retail range, the majority of which contain grains, and the Vet Range, which offers some hypoallergenic, grain-free recipes. Shop Royal Canin Retail.

Why Do Some Of The Brand's Diets Contain Grains?

Royal Canin diets contain grains because they are sustainable, and an excellent source of energy. In fact, the manufacturer states that grain offers undeniable dietary benefits unless that pet has been diagnosed with an allergy by a vet.

Is Royal Canin The Best Dog Food?

Reasons to choose Royal Canin include:

Something for every dog: choose from wet and dry food for dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages

Crafted formulas: each recipe is made with care for the dog's specific health needs. As a result, the feeds are subtly different in terms of the antioxidants, vitamins, fibre, prebiotics and mineral levels. These small differences are proven to make big differences to your pet's health.

Vet approved: leading scientific, veterinary and behaviour experts collaborate to make Royal Canin food the most precise pet health food brand in the world.

High meat content: Royal Canin feeds contain poultry protein, which is dehydrated to make it more nutritionally concentrated.

Quality: Royal Canin only uses meat from animals that are declared fit and healthy for humans to eat. Plus its ingredients are traceable.

Is Royal Canin Hypoallergenic?

Some vet-approved Royal Canin foods are marketed as hypoallergenic. Please browse Royal Canin Vet Products to see if there is a suitable food for your dog.

What Other Products Are There?

The Royal Canin range also covers Dog Treats and Dog Accessories.

Royal Canin Energy Booster Dog Treats - 30 x 50g: ideal for treating dogs prior or during moderate to intense activity

Royal Canin Energy Booster Dog Treats - 30 x 50g

Royal Canin Dog Water Bottle - 500ml: the ideal accessory for water on the go

Or how about a Royal Canin Metal Dog Bowl? The perfect gift idea or doggie stocking filler!

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