Pettex Cat Litter Review

Pettex Cat Litter Review

Pettex Premium Fullers Earth Cat Litter is perfect for you if you want:

 A cat litter that keeps bad odours at bay


 A more economical dust free cat litter


 Cat litter that helps create a more hygienic environment to help promote good Cat Healthcare


Pettex Cat Litter

Pettex Cat Litter

Features of Pettex Cat Litter

Pettex Cat Litter is a clump forming cat litter made from Fullers Earth. This is a highly absorbent clay material that can decolorise liquids without any chemical treatment being necessary. Fullers Earth has many uses including decontamination of military personnel's clothing if exposed to chemical agents. With this in mind, Pettex Cat Litter will have no trouble dealing with what your cat gives it!

Clump Forming

Additionally, Pettex Cat Litter has a unique sieving system that increases its clumping ability. This clump forming encourages the damp patches of the litter to bind together in distinguishable clumps. This makes removal and disposal quick and easy.

Pettex Cat Litter


What's more, Pettex have made sure their cat litter produces as little dust as possible. This is better for both you and your cat. The formula Pettex use is designed to minimise uncomfortable dust and encourage a more economical and dust free cat litter.

Odour Control

As well as this, the natural materials used in the cat litter help control any odours that may come from your cats litter tray. This is a great feature as a smelly cat litter tray is never a welcoming experience. Plus, Pettex obviously understand that this can be a common problem for cat owners and have taken the necessary steps to solve it without adding harmful chemicals to the mixture.

Pettex Cat Litter


Pettex Cat Litter has everything you would want a cat litter to have. From high levels of odour control to enhanced clump forming ability, this cat litter will keep your cat's litter tray in tip top condition. A happy and healthy cat means a happy cat owner!


This product comes in two sizes to suit your needs - choose from Pettex Premium Fullers Earth Cat Litter - 10kg and Pettex Premium Fullers Earth Cat Litter - 20kg.

Pettex Cat Litter

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