Most Comfortable Dog Collars

Most Comfortable Dog Collars

Collars are the essential accessory for your pooch and they are great for training. With so many styles, colours and materials to choose from, finding the right collar can be bewildering. In this PetMonkey review we look at some of the most comfortable dog collars for Fido. 

Why is it important for a dog collar to have a comfortable fit?

Collars are perhaps the most important accessory that you will purchase for your doggie. You will want to choose a style that suits you and your canine chum. It is important to also consider comfort and practicality when making your choice. A dog can slip off a loose collar, or choke if it is too tight. A well fitted dog collar will help keep your pooch secure and comfortable when you are strolling across the countryside or want to hold onto them at the front door. At PetMonkey we stock a fantastic range of Dog Collars & Leads in different styles colours and types.

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What should I choose for my puppy?

Collars for puppies should be comfy and secure as well as fun! Your little companion may take a little while to get used to a collar and lead so stick with it. A great starter collar and lead set such as the Ancol Small Bite Stars Collar And Lead Set is perfect.


This vibrant and fun set comes in either red or blue and has a fabulous stars motif. Reflecting the adventurous and playful nature of puppies, we think it is a great buy.

Classic leather collars

Classic leather collars such as The Ancol Timberwolf Leather Dog Collar remain a hugely popular choice among dog owners. Leather is a great material being smart, strong comfortable and durable. Highly versatile, it softens after a little bit of use. This is an individual and stylish collar comes in a variety of subtle colours. You could also consider the Ancol Timberwolf Leather Round Dog Collar which helps to reduce flattening of the fur. Your pet will look the epitome of style in these cracking collars and you will have peace of mind. 

Most comfortable Dog Collar choices for dog walking

Whether you are pounding the pavements or scaling a northern fell, you would do well to consider a versatile and weatherproof collar. Nylon collars are an increasingly popular choice for dog walkers. Nylon is weatherproof and hard wearing so perfect for walks in all weather; sun, rain or snow. The Ancol Padded Nylon Eyelet Dog Collar is a supremely comfortable dog collar with a soft but durable neoprene lining. It comes in four colours; black, red blue and pink. How about accessorising with an Ancol Padded Nylon Dog Lead which is super strong and has a really comfy neoprene lining in the handle.

Training dogs that pull on the lead

There is nothing more frustrating than dogs pulling on the lead; it can really spoil a walk! Check-chains are a handy solution for training your canine companion. The more your dog pulls, chain tightens to correct the behaviour. We recommend the Ancol Nylon Check Chain Dog Collar which is available in lots of sizes and colours.

A gentler and really popular alternative is a flexi-lead, which allows your dog more freedom to sniff around and explore. Flexi-leads are highly versatile, allowing your pet to roam but retaining the ability to rein them back at the push of a button. For example: Ancol Viva Retractable Dog Lead. 

Collars for safety

For nocturnal dog walks a reflective or glowing collar is a sound investment, especially in built up areas. Ancol USB Flashing Dog Collar Band is a fantastic way to make sure that your pet stands out in the dark. Simply plug it in to charge and choose from one of the three settings; flash, speedy flash and constant. Ancol Hi-Vis Flashing Dog Lead Attachment serves the same purpose and clips on between the collar and lead.

Why not check our full range of collars and leads and find the perfect match for your canine chum?

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