How To Look After A Puppy

How To Look After A Puppy

When you welcome a new pup into the family it usually is the start of a big learning curve. In this PetMonkey How To Look After A Puppy Blog we look at how to care for your pet and help them settle in. It also  covers the essential Dog Accessories you might need as well as a few useful training tips.


How To Look After A Puppy - Your Pup's First Day At Home

The day you collect your tiny four-legged friend is really exciting. However, it is important to remember that it is a major event in your new family member's life. As well as being removed from their mother, your new pet is being moved into a completely new environment. Therefore it is vital to be mindful of their wellbeing.

Provide your puppy with their own secure space. An excellent product for keeping your pup snug is Danish Design My First Dog Bed. This soft and fluffy bed has a snug inner ring for ultimate security which can be removed as your pet grows. What's more it can hold a heat pad to mimic body warmth and has a pocket for an alarm clock to simulate a mother dog's heartbeat (items not included). 


Crates are a great way to keep puppies safe whilst protecting your home from sharp teeth. There are also comfy pads to use in your crate. These come in a variety of sizes as well as lots of different colours and styles. A great choice is Ancol Waterproof Pad Bed - Blue/Grey. Because it is waterproof it is ideal for keeping clean after those little accidents. The tough outer cover can be removed and hosed down or cold washed.

Another puppy friendly bed is Karlie Flamingo No Limit Dog Bed. Being made of Teflon it is very durable yet still provides a cosy crash pad for your hound. Filled with a thermal polyester fibre ir provides great insulation for tired paws. What's more it can be machine washed at 30 degrees.


How To Look After A Puppy - Getting started

It is advisable to invest in a book on how to train a puppy. Furthermore, you will need to be an early riser to let your doggy out to answer the call of nature. Regularly encouraging your pet to do their business outside is the start of house training.

Pups love a good chew, so a toy such as Chuckit Breathe Right Stick Dog Toy is a wise investment. Giving your pet a toy to munch on may even save you a few pairs of shoes! What's more, play is a natural activity and helps to prevent boredom as well as wearing boisterous canines out.

Puppies adore a game of fetch. So Ancol Small Bite Vinyl Assorted Balls are a great fun pet toy. Measuring 4.5cm across they come in a pack of 6 with three different colours. The textured knobbles help to massage and sooth teeth and gums. Always supervise your pet during playto reduce the risk of choking - toys are not indestructible!

Puppies need much less exercise than adult dogs so avoid taking them on long walks. Over exercise can damage young joints and can lead to problems such as arthritis in later life. It depends on breed and size, but a rough guide is about 5 minutes exercise per month of age twice a day until adulthood.


How To Look After A Puppy - Essential Kit

So, what accessories do I need? Your new furry friend will need plenty of nutrition and fresh water so a couple of sturdy bowls for food and water are essential. Ancol Fusion Stainless Steel Dog Bowl is ideal and comes in three cool colours. Next you will need a collar and lead set such as Ancol Small Bite Stars. Specifically designed for pups this stylish set will provide peace of mind when out on walkies. Your pet also requires an identification tag by law displaying your name and full address.

 Another legal requirement is to keep your pet secure when out in the car so a product like Ancol ISOfix Dog Seatbelt is ideal. One end clips into the seatbelt and the other attaches to their harness.  

Grooming is a great way to bond with your pet as well as keeping their coat in prime condition. We like the Pet + Me Dog Grooming Brush as it has soft silicone points to brush and massage the skin. It is so gentle that even small children can use it.

Another handy grooming accessory is Scruffs Noodle Mitt which is worn like a glove and has a grooming pad on one side and a microfibre towel on the other. Perfect for drying and brushing wet poochs.

Because you need to clear up after your dog has done their business, poop bags are a must. An Ancol Dog Poop Bag Dispenser Torch has the added bonus of an integrated torch, so it is perfect for finding dog eggs on those dark winter evenings!



How To Look After A Puppy - Training tips

Dogs actually like structure and routine so training need not be a chore. When training your pal to 'sit' and 'lie down' it helps to have some treats such as Chewdles Gravy Bones - Beef Flavour to hand. Rewarding good behaviour and ignoring bad behaviour is the most effective way to train your dog.

Other training areas include socialising your pet with other dogs, walking on a lead and walking to heel. For the latter an extendable lead such as a Flexi lead is a very useful training accessory. This is because it allows your pet to roam about but you can rein in the lead at the touch of a button.


How To Look After A Puppy - Mealtimes

When it comes to breakfast there are lots of great puppy foods to choose from such as Skinners Field & Trial Puppy Food. Generally, it is recommended to feed smaller meals about four times a day but it is worth reading the manufacturers feeding instructions on the pack.


For more specific diets Royal Canin has a great range such as Royal Canin Giant Puppy Dry Dog Food - 15kg. Royal Canin Puppy Food is available in varieties that are both breed specific and size specific. Perfect whether you have a tiny Pomeranian or a gigantic Wolfhound. 


Lilys Kitchen Grain Free Puppy Dry Dog Food - Chicken & Salmon - 7kg is another popular selection for puppy owners. Packed with healthy ingredients, such as salmon oil it will give puppies the very best start in life.

You can also feed your puppy treats but remember to adjust their food to avoid them piling on the pounds!



Owning a puppy is a big responsibility but will brings lots of joy over the years. In addition there are many benefits. Firstly, daily walks provide plenty of exercise and fresh air. Secondly, having a pet can reduce stress and blood pressure. Research suggests that dog owners can live longer due to a healthier lifestyle.

When you and Fido are heading out on your walkies why not try:

Bunty Pet First Aid Kit - ideal for grazes, bumps and stings.

Scruffs Noodle Dry Mat - Chocolate - super absorbent for drying after rainy walks.

Vets Kitchen Puppy Pack - has an owners guide, treats and a clicker all in a handy tote bag.



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