Heygates Rabbits Choice vs Rabbit Mix

Heygates Rabbits Choice vs Rabbit Mix

If you're looking for a Heygates rabbit food, you may find yourself stuck choosing between the Heygates Rabbits Choice Pellets and the Heygates Rabbit Mix. Both of these rabbit foods have hare-raisingly delicious ingredients that your bunnies will love, but we need to distinguish between the two.


Heygates Rabbits Choice Pellets

Is it for you?

The Heygates Rabbits Choice Pellets is perfect for you if you want:

 An economical rabbit food

Rabbit pellets that include superior quality ingredients

A food that is derived from locally sourced ingredients


Why should I choose the Heygates Rabbits Choice Pellets?

Heygates Rabbits Choice Pellets are a scrumptious food for your furry friend. These 3mm pellets are made with high quality ingredients. Plus, they are also packed full with essential vitamins and minerals. This means that your bunny is provided with everything needed for a healthy and balanced diet.

With the addition of vitamin C, you can also feed this rabbit food to Guinea Pigs and other small mammals, too! Perfect if you've got a few little hoppers running around.

Locally sourced ingredients

This rabbit food from Heygates is produced with locally sourced cereals which contain 17% protein and 16% fibre. It contains dried lucerne too, which is a great natural source of protein and fibre. Your rabbit will be raring to go after a munch on the Heygates Rabbits Choice Pellets!

Heygates Rabbit Mix

Is it for you?

The Heygates Rabbit Mix is perfect for you if you want:

 A rabbit food made from locally sourced ingredients

 A mixture of cooked cereals and flaked peas

 A delicious and wholesome meal for your rabbit


Why should I choose the Heygates Rabbit Mix?

Unlike the Heygates Rabbits Choice Pellets, the Heygates Rabbit Mix is made up of a concoction of cooked cereals and flaked peas. This gives your bunny a varied selection of crunchy bits whilst they eat their dinner. 

Locally sourced ingredients

This premium coarse mix is made from locally sourced cereals and flaked peas. Plus, it contains essential vitamins and minerals to aid your rabbits healthy digestion. Containing 14% protein and 13% fibre, you can be assured that your bunnies are getting a bang for their buck.


Heygates Rabbits Choice Pellets vs Rabbit Mix Summary

Conclusively, there's not too much to distinguish between these two rabbit feed in terms of vitamins and proteins. Both the Heygates Rabbits Choice Pellets and the Heygates Rabbit Mix contain a great amount of protein and fibre. This helps to aid a healthy digestion and gut, as well as keep your bunnies on a balanced diet.

One of the only big differences between the two is the look of the food. If you're after a small pellet for your rabbit, the Heygates Rabbits Choice Pellets is a great option. 

However, if you want a mixture of dried cereals and peas mixed with pellets, you should lean more towards the Heygates Rabbit Mix. This rabbit food provides a great variation between tastes and textures for your hoppy bunny!

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