Felix As Good As It Looks Mixed Selection in Jelly Review

Felix As Good As It Looks Mixed Selection in Jelly Review

What makes Felix As Good As it Looks Cat Food Pouches - Mixed Selection in Jelly a delicious and complete meal for your cat? This post will help you understand the benefits of this cat food.

ChooseFelix As Good As it Looks Cat Food Pouches - Mixed Selection in Jelly if you want:

A delicious and irresistible meal for your fussy cat

A food with a focus on nutrition

A tender food with a range of flavours to mix up mealtimes

As one of the UK’s largest Cat Food brands, you know you’re going to get quality with the As Good As It Looks Mixed Selection in Jelly. This large multi-pack of jelly pouches will liven up your felines mealtime with four tasty flavour varieties.

Food for fussy felines

Felix As Good As It Looks Mixed Selection in Jelly is made with a selection of tender meaty and fishy chunks in tasty jelly. Fussy cats find these so irresistible that they’ll be eating it before the bowl even touches the floor! Flavours include Chicken, Beef, Salmon and Tuna - your cat will love having a different flavour each day.

Classic and complete

Free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives, these whole Cat Food pouches will delight the appetite of your fussy friend. Their bellies will be full all night! Coming in handy pouches, the portions of Felix As Good As it Looks Cat Food Pouches - Mixed Selection in Jelly can be served fresh to your cat every single mealtime.

Heroic health benefits

The wholesome addition of Vitamins D and E, balanced minerals and a source of Omega 6 fatty acids is like no other. You can feel confident that your little kitty is getting all of the goodness and nutrients they need, ready for mischief!

What other flavours are available from Felix?

Has your fussy feline chosen a firm favourite of your Mixed Selection pouches? Have they started turning their nose up at the other flavours you feed them? Fear not, Felix have got you covered. 

Offering not one, but two other flavours, your kitty is bound to love one of these. Choose from either the Felix As Good As It Looks Cat Food Pouches - Meat Selection], or the Felix Cat Food Pouches - Doubly Delicious Fish! Felix also offer a smaller pack of Felix Cat Food Pouches - Chicken in Jelly in case you need a smaller box for a trial run. This gives your cat a fantastic choice of fishy, meaty or chicken flavours to please their pallets after a long day of hunting down their prey... And retrospectively not catching it.

Why choose Felix?

For over 85 years, Purina have dedicated themselves to creating nutritious, high quality pet foods that help cats to live a longer, healthier life. Striving to surpass the highest standards, Purina Felix's complete and balanced cat food meets regulations higher than most human foods. This is because cat food needs to contain all of the nutrients for a healthy diet. 

Felix Cat Food contains a blend of ingredients that work to support and enhance one another. As a result, the compound of complex nutrients is far more digestible than any single ingredient. 

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