Dog Training Leads And How To Use Them

Dog Training Leads And How To Use Them

What could be easier than buying a Dog Collar or Lead for training purposes? Dog training leads come in a variety of guises. You may have tried several different dog training leads and need some advice? Whether you have a Labrador or a Tea Cup Chihuahua you will need a couple of leads for W-A-L-K-I-E-S. We know there are many to choose from. Therefore we've answered the most common questions about dog training leads and how to use them below. To take the hassle out of deciding and save yourself some time, check out the following dog training leads review:

Dog Training Leads - How Long Should They Be?

It is important that dog training leads give you control when you're out with your dog. The lead will help you to train your dog not to pull when on a walk. There are different environments you could train your dog in. This means the length of training lead depends on how you want to work with your dog.

Dog training leads range from 15 metres to 10m to 5m to around 1.5m. There is no universally agreed 'perfect' length for a dog training lead. You are likely to prefer a length of around 1.2 to 1.5 m if you are walking around streets with traffic. Then your dog still has some space to "collect data" but there isn't enough lead to get tangled in.

Soft Dog Training Leads - How To Use Them?

Whether or not a 1.2 - 1.5m slip rope, dog training lead stops your dog from pulling. It depends on how vigilant you are with your training discipline. Slip rope dog training leads are also called soft dog training leads if they are made from nylon. As a general rule, if your dog pulls it simply means she is keen. She wants to see what's going on and you are slowing her down!

To help your dog realise this isn't how you want to walk, you need to immediately stop and stand still. Do this until the lead goes slack. Your dog might do a backwards step or turn to look at you. Either way, once your dog's training lead is no longer taught, carry on with your walk. You will need to repeat this for a while. Then your dog will learn your expectations when walking on the lead. You can use the Bunty Slip Rope Dog Lead for this type of training.

Bunty Slip Rope Lead

Are Slip Leads Cruel?

What happens if you suddenly need to keep a hold of your dog? It can be tricky to clip a lead to your dog's collar in a rush. Plus, if your dog isn't wearing a collar...what else can you do? You can use a slip rope lead in this situation. Slip leads were created as an easy lead to carry about. They are designed to be quickly slipped on to a dog after work or to keep it safe. But are they cruel?

Slip rope leads are definitely simple but effective when used as a training lead. But only as long as they are used the right way around. Slip leads are definitely not cruel if they are used properly. If they are used incorrectly, the lead can be pulled too tight because it is too short. This could result in your dog gagging or coughing. To use a slip rope lead properly, the slip ring has to be on the side of the dog nearest to you. Then it slides down. Otherwise it is always tight on the opposite side.

Bunty Slip Rope Dog Lead is easy to use. The end of the lead has the adjustable metal ring that slides up and down the length of the lead. You simply open up the loop and slip it loosely over your dog's head. The lead has to be positioned with the ring on the side nearest your leg.

Are Slip Leads Safe?

You can tell this slip lead is on the right way as the ring should slide up and down very easily. Therefore, if you use them properly, slip leads are safe. This means the lead should be slack all the time. The ring should drop easily down the lead and under your dog’s head. When you walk with your dog on your left hand side you can check this: Looking from the front of your dog, the lead should pass over your dog’s neck in a clockwise direction. Then it should go down the opposite side, and under your dog's throat to the sliding ring near your leg.

The loop should be long enough to give your dog plenty of slack. Then you have immediate control should there be a passing vehicle, or cyclist; an unknown dog on the horizon or a member of the opposite canine gender flaunting their wares!

Bunty Slip Rope Lead

Bunty Slip Rope Lead has a soft edged but strong sliding ring

You will find owners who let their dogs roam with out a collar. This is more likely to be in rural locations. At PetMonkey we know that this is why so many people use slip rope leads.

Should A Dog Wear A Collar All The Time?

If your dog is out and about but not in a public place or 'resort', they don't need to wear a collar or tag (they're micro-chipped anyway - right?) see The Kennel Club's GCDS website page for further details.

So once again, the Bunty Slip Rope Lead proves its worth in terms of safety and convenience for dog owners. Bunty Slip Rope Lead is a nylon, woven rope lead with a braided core. This means it's really flexible and hard wearing. It's also very strong. This high quality rope dog lead reviewed very well with our users. The two joins are high quality and covered in a plasticised rubber which features the Bunty logo.

Bunty Slip Rope Lead

Bunty Slip Rope Lead is well made

There is a leatherette band around the girth of the lead.

Bunty Slip Rope Lead

Bunty Slip Rope Lead has a leatherette strap to help position the ring

This means that the loop doesn't become the size of half the lead! It remains a manageable size to get over your dog's head, then pull to fit properly.The metal ring that allows the loop to slide up and down is a good width at about 3mm. This is strong enough to hold the lead together but smooth enough not to chaff at the nylon.

Like several dog training leads, these leads are 1200mm (1.2m) long but depending on the size, the thickness of the dog training lead changes. Large is 10mm and X-Large is 12mm thus matching the strength of the dog in question.

Bunty Slip Rope Lead

Bunty Slip Rope Dog Lead is compact to fit in your pocket

Best Training Leads For Dogs?

The question about what are the best training leads for dogs has an open ended answer depending on your circumstances. You can use a retractable dog training lead in open spaces like fields and parks. This is because cars, other dogs and other possible causes for upset are few and far between. The middle of a town, or around other dogs are not the best places to use a retractable lead.

The Flexi Classic Cord 5m Lead allows your dog to enjoy walks on this retractable lead, whilst you retain control.

Flexi Classic Cord Lead 5m Medium Blue

Flexi Classic Cord 5m Lead Medium has a strong and flexible cord line

You can respond quickly if you need to by pushing the button which retracts the lead. You can also lock the lead at a specific length using this button too. So, if an unknown dog appears on the horizon and you are concerned about your dog's reaction you are still in control.

At the end of the Flexi Cord 5m Lead there is a protector belt with a chrome snap hook. You can use this for connecting to your dog's collar. This protector belt is hard wearing and resistant to chewing. Finally, it has reflective stitching so your dog can be clearly seen at night. Weighing around 220g, this lead is also nice and lightweight and very portable.

Are Retractable Dog Leads Safe?

If you use a retractable lead appropriately, your dog can eventually run or walk along side you, 20 to 30 feet away. The retractable lead allows them to happily collect doggie data, sniffing among interesting smells and picking up things to eat. You then do not have to be continually looking over their shoulder (quite literally). Your dog is also partially guarded against some of the nightmarish situations come across by dogs who run free. Not everyone welcomes a dog bounding up to them whether in a neckerchief or not!

Flexi Classic Tape 5m Dog Lead or the Flexi Classic Cord 5m Dog Lead Medium are retractable leads designed for dogs up to the weight of 20kg.

Retractable dog leads from Flexi are one of the most popular types of dog leads internationally. Flexi leads never become loose or slack as the lead thanks to the constant tension even as your dog is by your side. This is because of the way the lead retracts into the handle. With the help of this unique braking system, your dog is always under control.

You can adjust the length and locked it in position with the locking button if you want to. Other sizes are available and they also comes in black and blue.

Flexi Classic Tape Lead Black Medium

Flexi Classic Tape 5m Dog Lead - Blue - M has tape instead of a cord line

Retractable dog leads from Flexi are one of the most popular types of dog leads internationally.

Flexi Classic Cord 5m Lead Medium

There is a cord reel with tape attaching to the collar with Flexi Classic Cord 5m Lead Medium

Recall Training With Long Leads - How To Do It?

If you are going to use a recall training lead, then first you need to know that your dog knows their name. They use this as a sign that you want their attention. Once your dog knows their name, decide on a specific word or sound to use consistently as your recall cue. You must only use this when you want your dog to come back to you. It should be a short verbal cue like ‘come’.

Recall Training With Long Leads - In Your Garden?

It may be best to start this in your garden or enclosed field and make sure you have some tasty treats to hand. You can attract your dog’s attention by calling their name, then switch to your recall cue and move away from them. When they come to you give them a reward with a treat and lots of praise. From there, gradually increase the space between you and your dog. Then add to the level of distractions you call them away from.

Recall Training With A Harness And Long Lead - Does It Work?

You are recommended during training to use a harness Dog Accessory with a long line to walk your dog on. Let your dog move away from you before using your recall cue. If your dog doesn't respond or acknowledge you, guide them back to you using the long line and reward them when they are by your side. You will then stop your dog being rewarded by the exciting "data collection" environment when they ignore you!

Then you can make a big fuss of your dog and reward them with special value treats when they come back to you without extra guidance. You then help them to make a completely positive association with returning as soon as they're called. You need your dog to realise that returning straight away is even more fun and rewarding than carrying on with what they were doing

Ancol Happy At Heel Dog Harness & Lead helps you train your dog to walk to heel and stop pulling on the lead.

Ancol Happy At Heel Dog Harness And Lead

Ancol Happy At Heel Dog Harness And Lead is a favourite dog training lead

You can use the fully adjustable Ancol Happy At Heel Dog Harness And Lead on your left or right side.

Ancol Happy At Heel Dog Harness And Lead

Ancol Happy At Heel Dog Harness And Lead comes with a fleecy underbelly strap

Your dog will not be uncomfortable in this harness as it has a cosy, fleece-lined strap under the belly.

The Ancol Happy At Heel Dog Harness & Lead has been designed in conjunction with PURE Dog Listeners (Positive Dog Training) as a kinder way to train your pet.

Ancol Happy At Heel Dog Harness And Lead

Ancol Happy At Heel Dog Harness And Lead Plus DVD

The pack includes a training DVD made in conjunction with PURE Dog Listeners to help you train your dog. The clever side mounted lead attachment makes it easy to guide your dog around to face you in order to give instructions. It is a much easier way to avoid having your dog pulling you along. It makes walks an much more enjoyable experience especially when used with Dog Treats.

Rope Dog Leads - Are They Safe?

If you need a high quality but simple rope dog lead to keep in your pocket or in the car then read on.

Bunty Rope Dog Lead

This Rope Dog Lead is 1.2 metres long

Bunty Rope Dog Lead is so easy to use and it easily coils up to fit in your pocket. The end of the lead has a strong, metal lobster claw clasp. This lets you easily but firmly clip the lead to your Dogs Collar when you need to. The clasp is smooth enough not to chaff or wear this rope dog lead, keeping your dog safe from becoming un-tethered.

 Bunty Rope Dog Lead

Bunty Rope Dog Lead has a strong lobster claw clasp

Can You Attach A Rope Lead To A Dog Collar?

If you let your dog roam without a collar when you're not in a public place then in order to use the Bunty Rope Lead you will need to make sure your dog does wear a collar. Alternatively they could be wearing a harness. Otherwise, you would have nothing to attach the lobster claw clasp to.

What Is A Soft Rope Lead?

Bunty Rope Dog Lead has a braided nylon core therefore as it is flexible it is a soft lead. This means it's very strong, and durable too. This hard wearing and high quality rope dog lead reviewed very favourably with our users.

You not only benefit from the two joins covered in a protective, plasticised rubber coating, but you also have an extra comfort factor in the handle. You will love the dense, foam tube handle covering the rope loop at the end. It gives you a comfortable grip with no chaffing which is useful as training your dog can be a lengthy process.

Bunty Rope Lead Handle

Bunty Rope Dog Lead has a soft, dense foam handle

This foam roller handle adds to your firm hold and makes dog walking more pleasurable. Right there, you have an end to red weals across your palm, even if you're walking a dog full of Va Va Voom! 

Bunty Rope Dog Leads are all the same length at 1200mm (1.2m) but the thickness of the lead changes depending on the size; Large is 10mm and X-Large is 12mm. Get one of these great Dog Accessories for hanging in the porch, one for the boot of the car and one for the bottom of your rucksack!

Bunty Rope Dog Lead

Bunty Rope Dog Leads coils neatly into your pocket

Summary - Dog Training Leads And How To Use Them

Reading this article should have provided you with a helpful review of dog training leads and how to use them. Read on for a reminder of the key points in a nutshell:

Ancol Happy At Heel Dog Harness & Lead helps you train your dog to walk to heel and stop pulling on the lead. You can use the fully adjustable Ancol Happy At Heel Dog Harness And Lead on your left or right side. Your dog will be comfortable in this harness as it has a fleece-lined strap under the belly.

Bunty Rope Dog Lead is for you if your dog usually wears a collar on your walks. If you want a comfortable handle to grip the lead with, then this is also strong and very good value for money.

Bunty Slip Rope Dog Lead will give you a quick to use, hard wearing, nylon, compact lead to use without a collar. Plus, you can rely on it to slip over your dog's head in a jiffy. If you want a value for money, spare lead just in case then the Bunty Slip Rope Lead will definitely fit the bill. If your dog doesn't usually wear a collar on your walks or roams around the grounds where you live, then here's your solution.

Flexi Classic Cord 5m Dog Lead or the Flexi Classic Tape 5m Dog Lead gives you peace of mind whilst giving your dog freedom to explore as you are training him or her. By pushing one button you control the length of the lead. You can also lock it at your preferred length if you want to.

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