Danish Design My First Bed Review

Danish Design My First Bed Review

Danish Design My First Bed is a dog bed that's specially designed to keep your new arrival warm and safe. Read on to learn why Danish Design My First Bed is the best dog bed for puppies. 

Feature checklist:

Warm, soft and comforting dog bed.

Removable comfort ring provides snug fit for small puppies

Convenient washable sherpa fleece cover

Side pocket for "heartbeat simulation" clock or favourite toy

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Features of the Danish Design My First Bed

As a first dog bed for your puppy, the Danish Design My First Bed is hard to beat. This highly versatile dog bed has lots of great features. The removable inner comfort ring which allows you to adapt the bed as your puppy grows. For everyday practicality the cosy sherpa fleece cover is removable and machine washable. There is also a useful storage pocket on the side.

Best Dog Bed For Puppies Feature 1: Comfort Ring

The innovative comfort ring cushion is filled with soft fibre and covered with luxurious cosy sherpa fleece. For small puppies the comfort ring provides extra security and warmth. As your puppy grows the comfort ring can be removed creating a larger sleeping space.

Best Dog Bed For Puppies Feature 2: Removable Cover

The Danish Design My First Puppy Bed has a convenient and easily removable cover in the event of those little accidents. Made of soft and comfortable sherpa fleece, the cover is machine washable to keep your little companion clean and dry.

Best Dog Bed For Puppies Feature 3: Carpet Protector

Until they are fully house-trained, puppies will have those inevitable accidents. My First Bed has a waterproof base. This helps to protect your floors and carpets  from any unsightly marks or stains.

Waterproof base and comfort ring

Best Dog Bed For Puppies Feature 4: Extra Heat

A pouch under the cushion holds a standard size heat pad (not included). This is particularly reassuring for young puppies as it is similar to the body heat their mother emits. Heat pads can be bought at most high street chemists. Alternatively, you could use a mat which reflects your pet's body heat back such as the Ancol Self Heating Pet Pad

Side pocket holds a ticking clock for comfort

There is a useful pocket on the side of My First Bed. This is designed to hold a  clock or a toy. A ticking clock replicates the heartbeat of the mother and is a source of comfort and reassurance to puppies. It can also be used to store your pet's favourite toy or some other accessory.

Danish Design and PetMonkey

Danish Design are leading manufacturers of pet beds, pet accessories and pet toys throughout the UK and Europe. Their excellent range of products are all designed by the Danish Designer Susanne Mortensen.  Each product is designed to provide comfort, style and functionality. PetMonkey stock a wide range of Danish Design products and offer quick delivery at an affordable price.


The Danish Design My First Bed is packed with features that make it the best dog bed for puppies. It is highly adaptable because of the removable inner comfort ring. This practical bed is easy to keep clean, thanks to the washable cover. Your puppy also has the option of a comforting ticking clock in the useful side pocket. 

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