Chuckit Dog Toys

Chuckit Dog Toys

Have you come across Chuckit dog toys in their bright colours and bold designs? Want to know more about them and which ones to choose for your dog?

We've arduously played with a few of these Dog Accessories with our dogs (Yep - we know - it's a tough gig but someone had to do it!) so, read on to unravel the range and decide what would best suit your playful pooch.


Chuckit Dog Toys - Are They Different?

So, the key difference with Chuckit dog toys is that they get you involved in a game with your dog. This means, if you want to enjoy playing with your four legged best friend - or vice versa - then Chuckit has the tools you need.

For starters, Chuckit Fetch Medley Dog Toy gives you three different coloured balls. You can use all of them with a launcher for extra distance.

Chuckit Fetch Medley Dog Toy

Your dog will probably have a favourite from these three; out of the whistler which not surprisingly whistles when thrown; the glow in the dark max glow ball and the re-bounce ball which is hyper bouncy.

Do I Have To Be Fit To Use Chuckit Dog Toys?

Not all Chuckit's Dog Toys require you to run about. Some are designed to maximise your dog's effort and keep yours to the minimum. Chuckit Ultra Ring Chaser Launcher Dog Toy comes with a launcher stick you use to pick up and throw the ring with.

Chuckit Ultra Ring Chaser Launcher Dog Toy

If you don’t want to keep bending to collect the ring or you want to keep your hands clean, the Ultra Ring Chaser Launcher is worth a look. Plus you can throw the ring much further with the launcher. This means more running about for your dog and less for you!

The Ultra Ring also bounces and chops and changes in all directions when you've thrown it. It sparks your dog's instinct to follow and retrieve...and there aren't many dogs who don't enjoy that (maybe Greyhounds who are way too laid back to get too anything!).

What Are Chuckit Balls Made Of?

So what makes Chuckit balls so robust and bouncy? Is there a secret ingredient?

Chuckit Ultra Ball Dog Toy is a monster tough and extra bouncy ball designed for determined dogs.

Chuckit Ultra Ball Dog Toy

Ultra Ball Dog Toys are made with a thick natural rubber core. Ultra Balls last a long time and they're made to go the doggie distance. They're nice and bright so don't get kicked into the long grass for long either! Use this rubber ball if yours is a particularly boisterous dog. And there are others too...

Chuckit Erratic Ball Dog Toy is perfect for an exciting game of fetch. 

Thanks to it’s non-spherical shape, this Erratic Ball bounces randomly as it lands. The ball's geometric angles and pouncy bounce pattern are perfect if you’ve got a particularly exuberant hound.

Chuckit Erratic Ball Dog Toy

Your dog will love this unpredictability which will appeal to his instinctive, predatory interest. It’s also nice and easy to clean; made from long lasting rubber. Plus, it cleverly comes in 3 sizes to fit the size of your dogs chops!

Chuckit Zipflight Dog Toy resembles a frisbee. It looks like a large flat Polo mint. It is a memory foam toy, covered in strong nylon fabric with a rubber rim.

Chuckit Zipflight Dog Toy

So does the Zipflight  float? Yes it does! So, Zipflight is ideal for dogs who like a 'splash and fetch' game at the beach! But of course you can also use it in open fields and parks - your dog will still love it!

Why Should I Keep Fit And Active With My Dog?

Games with your pet dog and all interaction with them help to nurture a strong bond and trusting relationship. Playing with your dog keeps both of you fit and active.

Since 1998, this brand of dog toys has been very much loved by dogs and the range of balls, rings and fetch toys has grown immensely.

Chuckit Rugged Fetch Wheel Dog Toy is a different kind of dog toy - a nice change from the ball. Lob it, roll it or even bounce it. Give your dog something easy to catch and fight over in a friendly tug o’ war - thanks to the hollow shape.

Chuckit Fetch Wheel Dog Toy

It has a tough polypropylene core with moulded ridges. Therefore it's easy to grab with canine teeth.

Also, as it’s really buoyant, you can use it in water - even better for your Lab’ or other water loving canine. (Plus, as it looks like something your dog shouldn’t have - they’ll definitely want it!).

Will Chuckit Dog Toys Make My Dog Fit?

If your dog has fallen out of shape for whatever reason, maybe after an illness, or surgery* then Chuckit Dog Toys perk them up! Chuckit Breathe Right Fetch Ball Dog Toy is a hollow ball of thick, durable rubber strands. It enables your dog to breathe more efficiently whilst playing.

Chuckit Breathe Right Fetch Ball Dog Toy

Therefore your dog enjoys a game of fetch even more. It is easy for your pooch to pick up and carry the Breathe Right Fetch Ball. This is thanks to the rubber texture and shape.

Breathe Right Fetch Ball lets your dog's nostrils and mouth inhale more air when they're carrying it. This means that your canine bestie will breathe more easily when gambolling. Encourage your dog to play even more fetch, even floating in water with this fetch ball.

*Always follow veterinary advice when exercising your dog after surgery.

Are Chuckit Dog Toys Indestructible?

The brand make it clear that their toys aren't indestructible: they remind you to supervise your dog. This means try to play with them too - to make sure they don't end up on a bored shredding mission.

Therefore, it's fair to say that thanks to their thoughtful, innovative design, Chuckit changes the pace of 'Fetch' in your household.

Chuckit Ultra Tug Dog Toy demonstrates what makes Chuckit Dog Toys stand out perfectly. It withstands prolonged tug o’ war games.The Ultra Tug is a super tough ball with a strong nylon strap.

Chuckit Ultra Tug Dog Toy

Your dog might prefer a ball without a strap however, if they like a game of ‘Let go, it’s mine’ then this is ideal.  Additionally - you can lob it further with the launcher and watch your dog fly after it! We found an extra bonus in the strap - The Ultra Tug cuts out the slobber on your hands!

Plus, Ultra Tug floats! Keep your Ultra Tug for longer. As well as being brightly coloured and easy to spot, it's very buoyant too. You wont lose it. Throw with confidence! Know that the Ultra Tug will come back again, and again and again.

Summary Of Chuckit Dog Toys

Chuckit Dog Toys make playing a fast and friendly game with your dog easy to do. They encourage the two of you to spend fun time together. Play, train, or simply enjoy a long walk and take a Chuckit dog toy along with you. Why not keep one in the car? The shapes, sizes, textures, colours and accessories will all enhance your rapport with your four legged friend.

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