Cheap Dog Poop Bags

Cheap Dog Poop Bags

If you want value for money from your poop bags then read on. There are cheap dog poop bags and then there are cheap dog poop bags! We have chosen two of our most popular buys in this Dog Accessories category and compared them for you. Read on to find the truth about what you get for your money with cheap dog poop bags: Can you use them for a Rottweiler as well as a Jack Russell? Do they open easily? Is there any chance of seepage? What about ominous odours? How do the handles handle? Here we answer all your questions about cheap dog poop bags.

Choose Bunty Waste Poo Bags £2.99 For 90 If You Want:

 A choice of colourful pastel shades, without handles

 To spend just 3.32 pence per bag

 Large enough bags - easy to use for large or small dogs

Choose Ancol Biodegradable Refill Poop Bags 4x15 Bags £2.99 For 60 If You Want:

 Biodegradable poop bags, without handles

 Good sized, black poop bags with a sturdy robust feel

 To spend around 5 pence per bag - good for large or small dogs

Why Should I Buy Bunty Waste Poo Bags? £2.99 For 90

Bunty Waste Poo Bags include a perky paw print design on one side of each bag which are lovely pastel colours - no black for Bunty!

Easy to unroll and detach. Then either use in the Bunty Waste Dog Poo Bag Dispenser or pop them in your pocket. Bunty Waste Poo Bags are indeed cheap dog poop bags at just 3.32 pence each bag. They make the loathsome task of collecting your doggie's doos more colourful and easy.

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Do Bunty Waste Poo Bags Open Easily?

You can easily open these cheap dog poop bags. They have no handles but flat edges. Even though they feel flimsy they are tough and can withstand a fair bit of manual handling! This means you get less irritated rubbing the top edges of the bag together when you're in a hurry. Or maybe you blow into the top of the bag to separate the sides? What ever your method, Bunty Waste Poo Bags pass the easy to open test.

Are Bunty Waste Poo Bags Leak Proof?

They are also leak proof. This is because these cheap dog poop bags are well secured at the bottom with no side seams to burst. We feel this is a key bonus: No one seeks seepage or smells on the early morning dog walk with a coffee in one hand and lead in the other. The bottom of these bags is folded at each side and the top opening is nice and wide. These Bunty Waste Poop Bags are plenty large enough to cope with poopful piles as well as diminutive droppings.

Wow Factor?

If you already own a Bunty Waste Dog Poo Bag Dispenser then now you can match the colour of your bags with it! Pastel pink, blue or lime green. Attach the dispenser to your belt and pull the bags through the tiny hole that grows larger as the bag comes out. Can poop collecting become any more colour coordintated?

You get 15 bags per roll, and 6 assorted rolls in a pack. These bags are so cheap you can add a few extra to your order and hang them over your fence for passing poopers to use: Those who haven't yet seen the light and purchased these Bunty Dog Accessories?

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What's So Great About Ancol Refill Poop Bag Rolls 4x15 Bags? £2.99 For 60

Ancol Biodegradable Refill Poop Bags come in rolls of four with 15 in each roll. They also have a paw print on one side of each bag. Ancol Refill Poop Bags have no handles but flat edges. They are also reassuringly thick -thicker than Bunty Bags. But they are slightly more expensive at 4.98 pence per bag. They do however give you the feeling of less contact with the curling contents of the bag.

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Do Ancol Refill Poop Bag Rolls Open Easily? 

Unlike Bunty Waste Dog Poo Bags there is no fold at the bottom. Ancol Refill Poop Bags are flat and rectangular. The top opening is about 5cm narrower than Bunty Waste Poo Bags.

Ancoll Refill Poop Bag Rolls 4x15 Bags

Are Ancol Refill Poop Bag Rolls Leak Proof?

Yes these bags are robustly made. They are a good size, meeting larger dogs' business requirements and they are definitely leak proof. Unless you accidentally pierce them with a rogue stick as you pick-up the poop. It happens to the best of us!

Ancol Refill Poop Bag Rolls 4x15 Bags

Wow Factor? 

Ancol Refill Poop Bag Rolls are the essential Dog Accessory for environmentally concerned dog owners as they are biodegradable. This could make all the difference to your poop bag purchasing decision. The knowledge that as you deposit your voluminous poop bag in to the Dog Poop Bin, it is going to quickly biodegrade is a comforting feeling. And there's more:

Ancol's cheap dog poop bags accompany the Ancol Dog Poop Bag Dispenser Torch. So you can have a complete set of accoutrements if you want to. Each pack contains four rolls of 15 bags which can be dispensed from the side of the torch - perfect for the last walk at night. There are no colourful pastel options. However, one, biodegradable pack should allow you around three weeks of poop picking practicality with paraphernalia to match if you want it.

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In Summary

The choice is clear; whilst both brand's bags are roughly the same size and share the same faecal functionality, they differ in terms of price, colour and impact on the environment.

Bunty Waste Poo Bags are colourful and cheaper at just 3.32 pence per bag. Their colourful array makes them as attractive as an empty poop bag is ever going to be. Ancol Refill Poop Bags are the same size but as Henry Ford said "Any customer can have a poo bag any colour he wants so long as it is black." Well - you get the idea anyway.

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It's Your Choice

However, as Ancol Biodegradable Refill Poop Bags are black and biodegradable their material is a different texture. It feels robust and yet has a biodegradable quality that many dog owners may prefer to put to use. The only consideration if this is the case, is that these bags are a tad more expensive. At 4.98 pence per bag if you choose these bags you are spending an extra 1.66 pence each time you go faecal foraging. This may seem an insignificant amount but, with an average use of three bags per day, this amounts to just over £18 a year. Just think of the tasty Dog Treats you could have bought from PetMonkey with the money you might have saved!

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P.S. Need a reminder about best practice with a poo bag? Watch this handy Poo Bag User's Demo Video for a quick refresher. 

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