Are Dog Harnesses Bad?

Are Dog Harnesses Bad?

In short, no. As long as it fits perfectly, a dog harness is a safe option for: 

  Dogs that pull hard on the lead, and those that jump up


 Dogs with respiratory problems that gag when wearing a collar


 Dogs with large or slim necks, that may 'back out' of a collar

Are Dog Harnesses Bad?

Dog harnesses are very popular these days. If you're thinking of swapping your dog's Collar & Lead for a dog harness, then you will want to ensure you have all the facts. So are dog harnesses bad? In short, no. Dog harnesses are only bad for dogs if they don't fit properly. 

Are Dog Harnesses Safe?

While a too-tight dog harness can cause painful rubbing, and a loose harness can cause your dog to escape. However, a perfectly fitted dog harness has lots of benefits, and is safe for your dog.

For a start, dog harnesses take the pressure off a dog's delicate neck area. As a result, dogs that pull hard on a Dog Collar & Lead are less likely to choke and pull. When fitted correctly, and worn for walks only, dog harnesses are comfortable for your dog to wear. They can prevent your dog from jumping up, and even stop your lead getting in a tangle. 

In fact, dog harnesses may well be safer than a Dog Collar & Lead for specific breeds. This is particularly true for dogs that have respiratory problems, such as the French Bulldog or Pug. They are also great for dogs with particularly wide or narrow necks that would otherwise be tempted to back out of a Collar & Lead.

Dog Harness Vs Collar - Which Is Best For Your Dog?

A Dog Collar & Lead is the standard way to walk a dog and remains a popular option. Unlike a dog harness, a properly fitted collar can be worn all day, not just for walks. Moreover, there are lots of styles, shapes and sizes to choose from. If your dog doesn't have breathing difficulties, and isn't a big puller, then a dog collar is a good choice.

Which Is The Best Dog Harness For My Dog?

There are lots of different dog harnesses available at PetMonkey. Our dog harness review will help you choose the best one for you.

If you are looking for a robust harness for big dogs that pull, then the Bunty Yukon Dog Harness - Urban Camo / Black is a great choice. With its rugged, heavy-duty canvas upper and soft padded underneath, it is very strong while also being comfortable for your dog to wear. The belly band is slide-adjustable for the perfect fit and features a reflective strip for safety in low light conditions. The neat grab handle on the top allows you to pull your dog in close should a hazardous situation arise. The large chrome lead ring will accommodate large lead clips and to top it off, this harness looks really cool and will suit outdoorsy, active pooches.

Bunty Yukon Dog Harness Urban Camo

For smaller dogs, and those that get hot easily, then the Ancol Mesh Dog Harness - Black / Red / Blue / Petrol is a good choice. This lightweight yet durable dog harness comes in a range of colours. Its breathable mesh fabric upper is perfect when walking your dogs on warmer days and nights.

Ancol Mesh Dog Harness


What's The Best Dog Harness For The Car?

The Highway Code specifies that dogs and other animals should be suitably restrained while you are driving. The Ancol ISOfix Dog Seatbelt is a clever invention that allows you to keep your dog secure while on the road. Attach the clip to your dog's harness and plug the ISOfix end into your car's anchor point to keep your dog restrained. This product is designed to be used in conjunction with a dog harness, and is not suitable for a Dog Collar & Lead.

Ancol Isofix Seatbelt

Can A Dog Wear A Dog Harness And A Coat?

Yes, thanks to Ancol. The ingenious Ancol 2 in 1 Dog Harness Dog Coat - Black features a large lead slot along the top of the coat as opposed to the neck. This lets you clip any lead to any top-clip harness that your dog is wearing underneath. This fantastic Ancol dog coat is waterproof, with a removable lining, so you can switch from a thin layer to extra fleecy to suit the weather. With this harness coat for small dogs, your pooch can enjoy all the benefits of a harness while staying cosy too.

Ancol 2 in 1 Dog Harness and Coat

Browse many more Dog Collars & Leads and dog harnesses from PetMonkey today.

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