Best Outdoor Dog Bed

Best Outdoor Dog Bed

If you're wondering which is the best outdoor Dog Bed for your pet, then this review will give you all the info you need!  Read on if you are looking for:

 A comfy Dog Bed that can be used outdoors

A Dog Bed that can be wiped and easily cleaned

 A durable Dog Bed manufactured with strong, resilient fabric

What Is The Best Outdoor Dog Bed?

When choosing an outdoor Dog Bed, there are many considerations for your pet's comfort and practicality. Here we look at several of the best outdoor dog bed options from some of our favourite brands at Pet Monkey - Bunty, Danish Design, Scruffs and Ancol. The beds on review can be used both indoors and outdoors and are manufactured in durable, waterproof fabrics to stand up to both your dog and the elements!

So what is the best outdoor dog bed? Let's delve in and take a look at some of the fabulous products on offer...

What Is The Best Outdoor Dog Bed For Winter?

For a bed that is both super-comfy, warm and waterproof, why not treat your dog to the Bunty Cosy Couch Dog Bed - Grey / Brown. Your dog is guaranteed to love getting cosy on this padded bed with its cushioned sides for extra support. For an outdoor bed, this offers some serious snuggle factor!  Furthermore, the deep-padded base provides protection from the cold floor or ground below and the resilient canvas fabric prevents damage from chewing and claws.

Bunty Cosy Couch Dog Bed

Available in grey or brown in 3 sizes:

SMALL  outer dimensions: 69cm x 57cm Back height: 20cm

MEDIUM outer dimensions: 94cm x 77cm Back height: 24cm

LARGE outer dimensions: 117cm x 93cm Back height: 27cm

What Is The Most Durable Dog Bed?

If you're looking for a durable dog bed, then look no further than the excellent Scruffs Expedition Box Dog Bed - Chocolate. This fabulous hard-wearing and sturdy bed will withstand use from even the most boisterous dog with a love of the outdoors and muddy walks. With a 600 denier fabric made from 100% waterproof material and a non-slip base, this dog bed is super practical and in addition, provides great cushioning and insulating properties for outdoor use.

SMALL: 50cm x 40cm

MEDIUM: 60cm x 50cm

LARGE: 70cm x 60cm

EXTRA LARGE: 90cm x 70cm

What's The Best Dog Bed For Older Dogs?

Just because your dog isn't as young as he used to be doesn't mean he can't enjoy the great outdoors. The best dog bed for older dogs is one with orthopaedic qualities, such as the Bunty Outback Mattress Dog Bed - Blue. The supportive orthopaedic base has a thick foam filling which keeps your pet's joints and bones cushioned and protected from the cold beneath. Your older dog will love to sink into this outdoor bed after a day outside. Also perfect for older dogs that take naps in colder areas of the house or on cooler floors.

Choose from a cover in one of several bright covers including red, pink, blue, green, and black.  You can also remove and wash the fully waterproof covers.

There are 3 sizes available:

SMALL: 76cm x 50cm

MEDIUM: 91cm x 68cm

LARGE: 112cm x 89cm

What Is The Best Duvet Bed For A Dog?

Danish Design County Standard Duvet Dog Bed - Green - L is a very practical yet comfortable bed for a working dog with an active lifestyle. This large dog bed has a dual waterproof coating which can be wiped clean after use so is ideal for dogs who love to get muddy. You can place it indoors, outdoors and in the car so it's really versatile. The supremely hard-wearing cover and the thermal, polyester fibre filling provides excellent support and warmth from the cold.  

You can remove the covers and simply wipe them down with a damp cloth to keep them clean, and spare covers are also available. 

Danish Design County Duvet Bed

If you're looking for the same dog bed in a smaller size, then Danish Design County Standard Duvet Dog Bed - Green - M is ideal.


What Is The Best Waterproof Dog Bed For Outdoors?

The Ancol Waterproof Pad Dog Bed - Blue / Brown / Burgundy is a really hard-wearing and sturdy mattress-style dog bed ideal for use outdoors. It is made from a fully waterproof, durable fabric with a removable cover that can be hosed down or washed cold. A truly versatile bed due to its shape, it fits in to most crates and also in the car.

Ancol Waterproof Pad Bed

Available in a variety of colours: brown, beige, burgundy & black and blue & grey, and in 5 sizes:

SMALL: 61 X 46cm

MEDIUM: 76 x 53cm

LARGE: 92 x 61cm

X LARGE: 107 x 69cm

XX LARGE: 122 x 76cm

What Is The Best Dog Bed For A Car Boot?

If you're looking for a large car boot bed to protect your car from your muddy pooch, then Danish Design Boot Bed - L is a great choice. You can remove the car bumper protector which then gives you a more traditional dog bed shape which can then be used for your dog's indoor sleeping area.  

The heavy-duty waterproof fabric is both durable and super practical - simply wipe clean with damp cloth to keep it clean.  Your pet will love its comfy padded base.

Danish Design Boot Bed

Available in 2 sizes:

MEDIUM: 80 x 60 x 17cm
LARGE: 100 x 78 x 21cm

We are pleased to recommend this selection of the best outdoor dog beds, all available at Pet Monkey:

Bunty Cosy Couch Dog Bed - Grey / Brown

Scruffs Expedition Box Dog Bed - Chocolate

Bunty Outback Mattress Dog Bed - Blue

Danish Design County Deep Duvet Dog Bed - Green

Ancol Waterproof Pad Dog Bed - Blue / Brown / Burgundy

Danish Design Dog Boot Bed - L

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