Best Dog Accessories Review

Best Dog Accessories Review

Which are the best Dog Accessories? PetMonkey’s best dog accessories review will help you decide which dog accessory to buy for your dog.

Buy the:

Vet’s Kitchen Puppy Pack if you want:

 A complete starter’s guide to caring for your puppy including food, training treats, training clicker and mini owners’ manual - all in a canvas tote bag.


Danish Design Car Seat Cover if you want:

 To protect your car from hairs and mud but still have access to your seat belts


Ancol Dog Poop Bag Dispenser Torch if you want:

 To always have a handy supply of poop bags whenever you go dog walking in the dark with a torch


Ancol Travel Water Bottle if you want:

 To carry water and a bowl for your dog all in one when you’re on the move


Scruffs Noodle Towel - Grey if you want:

 An easy and efficient way to dry your dog without wielding a huge bath towel


Scruffs Snuggle Pet Blanket if you want:

 A cosy and easily portable pet blanket suitable for all seasons


Trixie Heating Mat if you want:

 Insulation for pets who need a little boost of warmth


Bunty Pet First Aid Kit if you want:

First Aid help with any DIY doggy emergency 


Read on for in depth reviews of the best dog accessories:

Vets Kitchen Puppy Pack

Provides you with reassurance when you first decide to introduce a puppy to your life.

Vet's Kitchen Puppy Pack

Puppy Advice

The Puppy Journal is a handy little booklet, tabbed into different sections. It explains your responsibility for tagging and ID, puppy health and fitness, training and nutrition.  

Vet's Kitchen Puppy Pack

The Vets Kitchen Puppy Pack Puppy Journal arrives in a well made canvas tote bag. We love this bag for keeping your puppy’s accessories in on a journey. This is high on our score when looking at which are the best dog accessories.

Vet's Kitchen Puppy Pack

Puppy Nutrition

It also contains a bag of Vets Kitchen 0 - 12 Months Puppy Food - Chicken & Brown Rice. This pack of food is especially for puppies because it contains added salmon oil for brain development plus prebiotics to help digestion.

Vet's Kitchen Puppy Pack

This Dog Food also gives your baby dog essential minerals for bone development and nucleotides for a strong immune system.  

Vet's Kitchen Puppy Pack

The bag also contains some dog treats, that are perfect for training your dog. These tasty little rewards don’t involve too many calories and are completely natural with no artificial elements at all. As these Dog Treats are nice and soft, they can easily be broken into pieces so are an ideal incentive for even the tiniest of puppies.  

Puppy Training

The pack of treats wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of a training clicker.

Vet's Kitchen Puppy Pack

The Vets Kitchen clicker is a positive method of training your puppy by rewarding her for good behaviour. The clicking sound indicates that she has done the right thing and a little treat is on its way. 

Vet's Kitchen Puppy Pack

The clicker has a small hole at one end. It can be threaded on a piece of chord for easy wearing.

Buy Vets Kitchen Puppy Pack from PetMonkey

Danish Design Car Seat Cover

Complete Rear Seat Coverage

Danish Design Car Seat Cover

The Danish Design Car Seat Cover is a shaped waterproof cover that fits the back seat of any car. The images show the cover in a FreeLander.

This is such a simple but effective way to protect your rear car seats from water, mud and hairs. The size of the cover is 140 x 115cm. Simply unmissable when asking which are the best dog accessories:

Danish Design Car Seat Cover

The cover features two pairs of top straps which adjust to fit around the rear headrests. These straps allow you to pull up the cover to suit the size and shape of your car.

Danish Design Car Seat Cover

Also, the Danish Design car seat cover has two central openings, carefully lined with velcro. These slits mean you can easily thread your seat belt anchors or  dog travel harness through but still keep your seat clean too.

Danish Design Car Seat Cover

The fabric is durable and waterproof. The cover is well finished with black edging adding to its durability and shape. We love the practical value for money this cover provides. Also it looks so good we would buy one even if we didn’t have a pet!

Buy Danish Design Car Seat Cover from PetMonkey

Cosatto All in All Car Seat

Ancol Poop Bag Dispenser Torch Review

Ancol Dog Poop Bag Dispenser Torch is your best friend on a dark dog walk. This is definitely in the line-up when asking which are the best dog accessories.

The LED torch is nice and bright but that’s not all: Inside the cavity of the torch you’ll find a place to store your roll of Ancol Biodegradable Refill Poop Bags.

Ancol Poop Bag Dispenser Torch

You can thread the bags through the opening on the side of the body and Hey Presto! As you wait for your dog to do their business, simply pull out the bag for when the job is done.

Ancol Poop Bag Dispenser Torch

Ancol refills of 15 bags on a roll fit the Poop Bag Dispenser Torch very neatly. This one definitely lights up when checking which are the best dog accessories.

Buy Ancol Poop Dispenser Torch from PetMonkey

Ancol Travel Water Bottle Review

You can slip the Ancol Travel Water Bottle into a handbag, ready and convenient after a long dog walk. The cleverly designed water bottle lets you can carry 750ml of water (or food) but that’s not all:

Ancol Travel Water Bottle

You can also twist the plastic cover off and use it as a serving bowl too. Your dog’s snout has easy access to the bowl because of the cutaway area on one side.

Ancol Travel Water Bottle

The Ancol Travel Water Bottle is stainless steel and keeps the contents fresh for a good length of time. Finally, the top of the cap has a snazzy Carabiner shaped clip. This clip lets you attach the bottle to a backpack, belt or other carrying strap to keep your hands free.

Ancol Travel Water Bottle

Almost certainly the winner of which are the best dog accessories.

Buy Ancol Travel Water Bottle from PetMonkey

Scruffs Noodle Drying Towel Review

When your boisterous dog comes back in the house after a muddy walk, how hard is it to grab them and dry them off? How many times have you had to wipe down the walls and mop the floor?

Scruffs Noodle Drying Towel

Scruffs Noodle Towel has two elasticated pockets on the reverse which you slide your hands into.

Scruffs Noodle Drying Towel

It’s more like a huge pair of oven gloves than a towel in shape.

Scruffs Noodle Drying Towel

Therefore, you can grab your soggy dog and give them a good rub down whilst keeping hold of the towel as well.

Also, this Scruffs Noodle Drying Towel is much more absorbent than a bath towel. Why? The towel's made of strands of Microfiber that look like noodles or the fleece of Wensleydale sheep.

Scruffs Noodle Drying Towel

The surface area is so large that the drying off process takes a much shorter time. Finally, Scruffs Noodle Towel is machine washable and dries in a jiffy. We’d recommend having a Noodle Towel in the car as well as in the house as they are easy to store. Transform your soggy, end of walk dance into a quick and easy drying off session! This product leaves the others hanging out to dry when answering the question which are the best dog accessories?

Buy Scruffs Noodle Towel from PetMonkey

Scruffs Snuggle Pet Blanket Review

Scruffs Snuggle Pet Blanket is silky soft to touch and so cosy and warm.

Scruffs Snuggle Pet Blanket

Your dog is in for a real treat with the Scruffs Snuggle Pet Blanket: It has two different textures; one side has a plush, furry pile made of polyester hollow fibre core. On cold days this is the side to find your dog lying toastily on.

Scruffs Snuggle Pet Blanket

The other side has a polyester suedette cover which feels rich in texture and is suitable for warmer weather.

Scruffs Snuggle Pet Blanket

The blanket has a middle with a layer of polyester padding. This layer makes all the difference to your dog, especially if he isn't that well padded.

The Scruffs Snuggle Pet Blanket is well made and finished. It measures 110 x 72.5 cm so it’s good for most dog sizes. Finally, it’s machine washable to avoid pet-like pongs building up. Your dog will love this Pet Blanket and so will you. Is it the warm winner of which are the best dog accessories? The design is stylish and subtle and it comes in Chocolate, Burgundy or Blue to best match your interior decor.

Buy Scruffs Snuggle Pet Blanket from PetMonkey

Trixie Heating Mat Review

Trixie Heating Mat comes in three sizes to match your dog: large 90 x 70cm or medium 80 x 60 cm and small 70 x 50cm. The mat is like an electric blanket... but without the electricity.

Trixie Heating Mat

The mat’s foam padding and faux, furry, polyester pile helps to store the heat from your dog’s body. Therefore, your dog is warm and cosy. The mat radiates her body heat back to her tummy from the pad. She thinks she’s laying on a lamb’s fleece!

Trixie Heating Mat

The Trixie Heating Mat has a non-slip base underneath and it’s ideal for creating a comfy, cosy place if you have hard or cold floors.

Trixie Heating Mat

The mat gives your dog the feeling of underfloor heating - such luxury! Finally, it is easy to roll the mat to take out in the car on a cold day. Perfect!

Trixie Heating Mat

Buy Trixie Heating Mat from PetMonkey

Bunty Pet First Aid Kit Review

You need a Bunty Pet First Aid Kit if you have an emergency cat, dog or small animal occurrence. For instance, there might be a disagreement over who's the Big Dog; a bitch slap between feisty Fox Terriers or simply a case of injured pads after a long run along the shingle. This compact, red case is definitely one of the best dog accessories. It brings you a great selection of 34 medical items. You can carry it around in the car or keep it in the shoe cupboard. It's so comprehensive, you might even turn to it yourself after a rose pruning perforation perhaps?

Bunty Pet First Aid Kit has lots of compartments and pockets for keeping extras in as well. It measures just 20cm x14cm x 6cm so it's a compact little treasure of treatment tools for your Dog's Healthcare.

When you open the Bunty Pet First Aid Kit you will find the following to help you deal with any DIY doggy dramas:

All these First Aid items fit neatly into the red carry case. They are easily accessible and can be replaced as and when required.

Bunty Pet First Aid Kit

Scissors, tweezers, pincer tool

Flea comb, cotton gauze, alcohol pads

Antiseptic wipe, sting relief pads

Large triangular bandage, small bandage

Non adherent sterile pads, adhesive plasters

Rubber gloves, instant cool pack, roll of adhesive medical tape

CPR Face Shields.

Buy Bunty Pet First Aid Kit from PetMonkey

Summary of the best dog accessories review

You may have asked yourself which are the best dog accessories to buy? So now you've seen a review of them which are the best dog accessories and watched a video too. Therefore, you probably want to buy them all! Additionally, here's a summary to help you decide not only what to buy to match your needs but also your dog's needs too:

Vet’s Kitchen Puppy Pack - a complete starter’s guide to caring for your puppy


Danish Design Car Seat Cover - protects your car seats from hairs and mud 


Ancol Dog Poop Bag Dispenser Torch a handy supply of poop bags with a torch


Ancol Travel Water Bottle - water and a bowl for your dog all in one 


Scruffs Noodle Towel - Dry your dog without wielding a huge bath towel


Scruffs Snuggle Pet Blanket - An easily portable, cosy pet blanket 


Trixie Heating Mat - Insulated mat for pets who need a little boost of warmth


Bunty Pet First Aid Kit First Aid help with any DIY doggy emergency 

You will find the most competitive prices for all of these best dog accessories here at PetMonkey

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