Best Layers Pellets For Chickens UK

Best Layers Pellets For Chickens UK

Best Layers Pellets For Chickens UK

Best Layers Pellets For Chickens UK helps you choose the best food for your flock. With complete and supplementary foods available with free delivery, it's never been easier to keep your layers healthy and happy. We take a look at the best poultry food from Allen & Page, Copdock Mill and Heygates. Plus, we  crack open an egg or two to show off yellow yolks from our pellet-fed friends!

What Are Layers Pellets?

There are two ways to feed your laying chickens: pellets or mash. Mash, as its name suggests, comes in a dry format which can be made wet. This is often what's fed to battery hens. Most domestic chicken owners opt for pellets. Like complete Dog Foods, these dry little nodules contain pretty much everything your poultry needs to lay great eggs.

What Are The Best Layers Pellets?

Here's the summary benefits of each feed. Watch Best Layers Pellets For Chickens UK for more detail about any of these products, including how much you can expect to pay.

Allen & Page Smallholder Range Layers Pellets - 20kg

These layers pellets are nice and small, so make a perfect feed for bantams. It's free from GM ingredients as well as soya and comes with added omega 3 for those desirable yellow yolks.

Allen & Page Smallholder Range Layers Pellets - 20kg

 Natural, free from GM ingredients

 Ideal for layers

 Omega 3 for extra gold yolks

Heygates Mixed Poultry Corn - 20kg

A high quality feed made from wheat and cut maize, this super sack from Heygates is suitable for a wide variety of Poultry and can be fed all year round.

 Perfect for chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys

 Ideal scratch feed

 Use alongside layers pellets


Heygates Mixed Poultry Corn - 20kg


Copdock Mill Mixed Corn - 20kg

This feed contains wheat, cut maize and soya oil. As a result, it helps to keep your hens' skin healthy and may strengthen their bones, too.  Mixed corn is a supplementary food. Consequently you should use it alongside layers pellets to add extra nutrition and interest to your birds' diet. What's more, it encourages natural foraging and can prevent boredom setting in.

 Wheat and cut maize

  Ideal for scattering

  Supplementary food

Copdock Mill Mixed Corn - 20kg


Heygates Country Layers Pellets - 20kg

This complete pellet food contains 16% protein and 5% fibre. Consequently it gives your hens plenty of energy for egg production as well as amino acids for healthy muscles and feathers.

 UK produced

 All natural feed

  Fortified with extra vitamins and minerals

 Heygates Country Layers Pellets - 20kg

Allen & Page Smallholder Range Mixed Corn - 20kg

Feed this to your flock and you can safely say that 'your' eggs are from non GM fed hens.  Allen & Page have a policy to grow their ingredients from non-genetically modified seed, and away from GM crops. So it brings contamination to a minimum.

  'Hard IP' ingredients

  Made with wheat and maize

  No hexane extracted ingredients

 Smallholder Range Mixed Corn - 20kg

Where Can I Get Layers Pellets 20kg Free Delivery?

All of the products covered here come with free 48 hours delivery at PetMonkey. We look forward to taking your order soon.

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