Best Cat Beds 2019

Best Cat Beds 2019

So, it's got to the point where you've had enough of your cat sleeping on your fresh white sheets. They leave specks of dirt, hair, and unidentified objects which have been brought in from outside.

You need a Cat Bed; However it's difficult to know which one to choose. What will they like? Will they use it? Cats are notoriously fussy when it comes to sleeping arrangements, so we've helped you decipher the best cat beds 2019.

Best Place For A Cat Bed

There's a few tips on placing your Cat Bed in the perfect spot for your purrer. Firstly, notice their sleeping spots. Do they normally sleep in the lounge where there's lots of people? Or do they choose your bed to snuggle into during the day?

Secondly, do they tend to sleep in a room full of people where they lap up the company and attention? Perhaps they choose a room far away from the rest of the fuss where they can quietly slumber.

It's also good to notice the height that your cat tends to sleep. A lot of kitties don't mind sleeping somewhere close to the floor. However, most cats prefer to sleep somewhere that is slightly elevated, due to their natural instincts. Or they'll hide away underneath your bed or a pile of laundry. This is a huge indicator for which type of cat bed they require.

How To Get My Cat To Sleep In Their Cat Bed

As all cat owners know, cats are naturally suspicious creatures. If you've bought a beautiful bed for your kitty and you just can't get them to kip in it, then perhaps there's something they're not quite happy with.

Firstly, try putting a worn t-shirt inside the Cat Bed to familiarise the smell with your kitty. Cats love the smell of their owner, so this will instantly create a connection with your furry friend. It also reassures them that their cat bed is a safe and secure place for them to sleep- Just like your bed. Your new cat bed might hold an unfamiliar smell that is off-putting to them, so this is a great trick.

Keep the bed in a semi-social area so that they have company but are also not constantly disturbed. This means that they can creep after some attention if they want to, but if not, they can sleep in peace. Notice the sleeping habits of your cat, too. Do they tend to sleep on certain pieces of furniture? You can try placing the Cat Bed over where they usually sleep, to try and persuade them.

Which Are The Best Cat Beds 2019?

This blog post helps you decide on which style of Cat Bed to go for. It's not only a choice for you to make as your cat is truly the one who decides. Pick a style that you feel matches their normal sleeping spaces. We've grouped together some of the best cat beds from brands such as Danish Design and Ancol that your kitty will love.

Best Cat Beds For Older Cats

Ancol Cove Cat Bed

Ancol Cove Cat Bed

If you've got an older or senior cat which is in need of a cat bed, it's quite a task to decide on which one would best suit them. Older cats tend to quickly plop themselves down. This means that they require a cat bed with sufficient cushioning so that they don't hurt themselves. Plus, an extra padded bed eliminates those pressure points, making it a lot more comfortable for your furry friend.

The Ancol Cove Cat Bed is the perfect bed for an older kitty. It features a low entry point which is perfect for those who can't move around as much anymore. Older cats can develop problems with their joints, making getting up and down a lot more difficult, so this feature is purr-fect for them.

As well as this, this Cat Bed has extra high sides for support whilst your kitty is lounging. So if they roll over to the side whilst they're sleeping, they can't fall out of bed. The Ancol Cove Cat Bed is also luxuriously padded which adds to that extra bit of joint comfort.


Best Cat Beds For Kittens

Danish Design Cosy Cat Bed - Arctic

Danish Design Arctic Cat Cosy Bed

The Danish Design Arctic Cat Cosy Bed is an adorably stylish cat bed for your kitten. Coming in a range of sizes, you can pick up the Danish Design Cosy Cat Bed - Arctic for your new cat.

This bed is a great choice for your kitten. This is because this Cat Accessory has an open top so that your kitten can peek at you whilst they cat nap. Getting your hands on the small version of the bed is perfect for creating a cocoon-like environment for your baby cat, so they can stay warm and cosy whilst they snuggle.

The Danish Design Maritime Cat Sleeping Bag is also a great cat bed for kittens. It's shaped a lot like a sleeping bag, which means that they can crawl in and out of the hidey-hole. They can use it to play in, too.  

Best Cat Cave

Ancol Plush Grey Pyramid Cat Bed


Cat caves are a great choice for kitty's who love to hide away in a dark, cosy place. This type of Cat Bed is also a good choice for the winter. If you have an insecure cat, a cat cave might be your best choice, as it offers ample amounts of security and privacy.

The Ancol Plush Grey Pyramid Cat Bed is therefore a fantastic choice. The beautiful colourways of this cat bed ensures that it will find a spot in your home. The inside is a super soft and warm environment for your cat to cosy into. This is because the fleece lined base cushion has extra stuffing for that extra bit of luxury.

Plus, the Ancol Plush Grey Pyramid Cat Bed has insulated walls, meaning your kitty won't get cold. With a non-slip base, you can place this Cat Bed wherever suits, as you can ensure that your cat won't slide around inside. What's more, it has a toggle on the top which allows you to hang it (securely) from a cat tree- Getting that bit of height for kitty.

Along with AncolDanish Design offer a brilliant cat cave. Read our thoughts on the Danish Design Cat Pebble Bed Review.

Best Cat Beds For Large Cats

Danish Design Pet House - Large

Danish Design Pet House

Buying a cat bed online can sometimes be a difficult task, especially if there's no measurements. You can't always rely on judging how big the product is by the images to see if your cat will fit in it. Yet, the Danish Design Pet House - Large is a great choice if you have a large cat. This is because it comes in sizes including large (measuring 44 x 43 x 47cm).

This cat bed from Danish Design is a snug and stylish house for cats. With a similar structure to the Ancol Plush Grey Pyramid Cat Bed, this cat cave will provide a warm and secure environment for kitty to nap in.

As well as this, it's one of the best cat beds for large cats because of the room it offers inside. If your large cat loves to stretch out, then so be it! They can totally do this in the Danish Design Pet House - Large.

Best Luxury Cat Bed

Danish Design Fluffies Cushion Cat Bed

Danish Design Fluffies Cushion Cat Bed - Purple

If you're on the hunt for a luxurious cat bed, then it's no secret that the Danish Design Fluffies Cushion Cat Bed - Purple is one of the best luxury cat beds. Designed with faux fur, this cushion is an alternative to the traditional shaped cat bed or cat cave.

With a cushion, you're really catering for the stretcher. Those cats that don't sleep neatly in a curled up ball, but sprawl out over your fresh linen to get comfy- Yep. This is for them. Maybe your cat gets too hot whilst curled up, so they stretch their arms, legs, and little toes as far as they can? The Danish Design Fluffies Cushion Cat Bed - Purple definitely caters for the stretchy cat- No edges means a longer stretch.

As well as this, if you're looking for the best luxury cat bed, you may consider the Danish Design Kumfy Kradle Radiator Cat Bed - Paw Print. This comfy cat bed is different to the others, and is great if your cat loves to sleep above the ground and in a warm and cosy spot. Simply attach it to your radiator and your kitty can enjoy the warmth that radiates through their cat bed. Read our Danish Design Kumfy Kradle Radiator Cat Bed Review to find out a bit more info on it.

So, Which Are The Best Cat Bed 2019?

Every cat bed is different in its own way. The pattern, amount of padding, height of sides. However, the types of beds that are offered are individually great for different types of kitties.

The Ancol Cove Cat Bed is a great choice for the older cat. Even if your kitty has just had a trip to the vets and is feeling a bit under the weather, this bed is great for them too. However, your senior cat will definitely benefit from this bed.

Secondly, the Danish Design Cosy Cat Bed - Arctic is perfect for your playful kittens. With high sides and a soft outer, they can snuggle into this comfortable little den as they play with their catnip toy!

If your kitty loves to hide away in a hole to sleep, the Ancol Plush Grey Pyramid Cat Bed is a must-have. With insulated walls, your cat can get really snuggly with this cat bed.

On the other hand, you may struggle to find a bed big enough for your large cat. With a similar style to the Ancol Plush Cat Pyramid, the Danish Design Pet House - L comes in a large size for your sleepy feline.

Last but not least, if your cat loves a bit of luxury (which most of them do), the Danish Design Fluffies Cushion Cat Bed - Grey will allow them to stretch out to their wildest desires! Made from a beautifully soft faux fur, this cat bed is perfect for your princess.

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